Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Bunch of Random Patterns! :)

Teenie Tooth Fairy Pillow (Sweetheart Tree) $2

Schoolgirl Sampler by Hand Dids $2

Looney Tunes Alphabet Book $5

Seasonal Houses by The Needle and I $1

Birds of a Feather by Heart in Hand $3

A Mother's Garden by Shepherd's Bush $2

All the Trimings by Stoney Creek $5

3 Dames Sampler by Olde Willow Design Group $3

Pithies 2 by the Workbasket $3

There's No Place Like Home by Rabbit Works $7 ($20 chart) scroll down, it's the pink one

Snowman Keepers by SamSarah $3


  1. Sara, I would like to purchase The Most Patterns by Waxing Moon and Follow The Needle by Just Nan if they're not spoken for. Thanks, Barb

  2. That's awesome Barb! Will you email me? I forgot to set it up so the comments would go to my inbox! Arg! :) oops.